Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage
30 mins / $55
60 mins / $105
90 mins / $140

Body Healing Massage (or Ama Releasing Abhyanga)
60 mins / $105

The ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda are echoed in this holistic treatment, with toxins released through the stimulation of pressure points in your body. The massage returns balance to your physical body while restoring your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Prepare for something special.

Aromatherapy body massage
60 mins / $105

A therapeutic holistic treatment which uses a blend of essential oils to appeal to the senses. You will find yourself floating away during your deeply relaxing and calming massage. This treatment is pure bliss.

Deep tissue Massage with volcanic hot stones
90 mins / $150

Hot stones are combined with the pressure of elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. This sophisticated massage is both relaxing and healing.

Back Massage
30mins / $55

We customise our back massage to your needs, using techniques ranging from deep tissue to Swedish massage. This massage will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised and tension free.

Nourishing Massage
45 mins / $80

Concentration on scalp, feet, back, neck and shoulders this treatment eases tensions and releases tight muscles while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Balinese Massage with volcanic hot stones
120 mins / $210

Beginning with a relaxing foot ritual, this totally indulgent treatment combines hot stones with the traditional Balinese method of elongated sweeping movements encompassing the whole body. The application of warm oil envelops and relaxes both mind and body. This treatment is excellent for clients suffering from jetlag and for releasing knots and tensions in the body.

Pregnancy Massage
60 mins / $105

This total body treatment has been carefully designed for those who are expecting a baby, with advanced massage technique on appropriate areas, Improves the tonicity and comfort of the skin and creates a sense of relaxation.

Foot Massage
30 mins / $55

Concentrating solely on the feet and lower legs, this treatment helps to relax the entire body and mind, ground energy and regulate its movement through the body. Incorporates reflex points and meridians on the feet.